Nestled in the lush northern part of Tenerife, Icod de los Vinos offers an enchanting mix of stunning natural landscapes, timeless architectural treasures and vibrant cultural events. This picturesque village is not only a gem for tourists to explore, but also a heavenly retreat to call home. Let us take you on a tour of this charming town, highlighting the endless possibilities for leisure, adventure and relaxation.

Los Tesoros de la Naturaleza

Among the many features that make Icod de los Vinos exceptional is its stunning natural beauty. It is impossible to talk about Icod without mentioning its most famous resident – El Drago Milenario, the ancient dragon tree considered a living symbol of Tenerife. A stroll through the surrounding Drago Park offers spectacular views and walking trails.

Senderismo en Icod

For those with a keen sense of adventure, Icod’s nature trails are irresistible. Routes such as the Camino Real and Barranco de la Fuente offer exciting hikes and unparalleled views of the town and the surrounding ocean.

Las Playas Cercanas

Although Icod is not directly on the coast, it is within walking distance of some of the island’s most exquisite beaches. Playa San Marcos is a much-loved spot that is a short drive from the center of town, offering serene waters, black volcanic sand and oceanfront dining options.

La Rica Historia Arquitectónica

Go back in time exploring the historical architectural structures of Icod. The old town center is a treasure trove of colonial-style buildings, with landmarks such as the 16th century Iglesia de San Marcos and the majestic Casa de los Cáceres adding to Icod’s timeless charm.

Vinicultura en Icod de los Vinos

It would not be a complete description of Icod without recognizing its deep-rooted winemaking. Wineries such as Bodegas Viñátigo and Bodegas Cueva del Ratón offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to sample local varietals, learn about the winemaking process and even explore the cellars.

Parques Temáticos y Atracciones

Beyond its natural beauty and rich history, Icod is home to a variety of theme parks and attractions. The butterfly park Mariposario del Drago is a success for both children and adults. For thrill seekers, the high ropes course at Forestal Park Tenerife is a must.

Arte y Cultura

The cultural scene in Icod is as vibrant as its landscapes. From the Malvasia Museum showcasing the town’s winemaking history to the frequent art exhibits at the Casa de los Caceres, there is always something to keep the culturally inclined engaged.

Cines y Teatros

For a lazy afternoon, catch a movie at the Cine Teatro Icodense, a cinema that is an integral part of the Icod community. In addition to screening the latest releases, it also hosts local theater productions, providing a platform for the town’s artists.

Festivales y Eventos

Being a lively and close-knit community, Icod frequently organizes festivals and events. The annual Fiesta de San Andrés is a spectacle to be experienced with traditional music, dance and the unique sport of “Las Tablas”.

Gastronomía Local

After a day of exploration and adventure, enjoy the local gastronomy in one of the many fantastic restaurants and tapas bars that fill the town. Don’t miss the Papas Arrugadas and the local cheeses and wines that make Icod’s cuisine so unique.

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